Covid-19 Update – Handyman Mississauga Contracting

A message to all our customers and the community we proudly serve. At this time Handyman Mississauga Contracting is providing essential and emergency services for residential and commercial clients in the Mississauga area. We are currently providing essential and emergency services including: plumbing, electrical, repairs, and installations.

Handyman Mississauga Contracting is committed to keeping our community, customers, and employees healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. In order to safely provide essential and emergency services, we are taking necessary steps to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus within the community as directed by local, provincial and federal health agencies. These actions include the wearing and use of personal protective equipment including facial protection, medical protective gloves and other protective gear used by our employees when providing service to our customers, as well as performing regular disinfecting of our equipment and tools . We are also adhering to and respecting all social distancing guidelines and recommendations.

Contact us with any questions.